Welcome to Blue Ox Bungalows

We know the name sounds funny, but Blue Ox Bungalows is committed to building tiny homes that are built tough and strong as an ox, yet as homey as a comfortable bungalow. We invite you to look at our models and then contact us and let us work with you to create your tiny home built just for you.

Or, if you have some building skills, take a look at our Do It Yourself kit (the DIY tab) and think about building your own bungalow. We supply everything you need, even the tools required to build your home.

The Homesteader Model

Slightly smaller than the Pioneer, the Homesteader is perfectly scaled.

The Pioneer Model

Living is easy in the roomy Pioneer Model from Blue Ox Bungalows.


Kids Cave, Home Office, Guest House. Let us build the perfect place for you.

Kitchens, Bathrooms

Our building skills can be used for remodeling, woodworking, even full baths or kitchens!


Have you ever considered a tiny home as the perfect place for retirement?

This excellent article from gobankingrates.com highlights some really good reasons to consider doing so. Enjoy the read!



Want to see how a tiny home can help you retire early?

Here is an article from gobankingrates.com that explores the idea of how a tiny home can be an important part of early retirement planning.


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