One Call Really Does it all

If you have ever had work done on your home or place of business, you know the hassle of having to deal with multiple contractors. With Blue Ox Builder, that problem goes away. We can handle your entire project, start to finish. You have one point of contact, one contractor to schedule, one bill to pay. It could not be simpler. We have the skills to handle just about anything your throw at us, and we have the experience we can point to so you are comfortable that we can do the job. So take a look around. Are there areas that need an upgrade? Areas that need a fix-up? Areas that need a total makeover, or even a new addition? Make that one call to Blue Ox Builder and we can get it done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We lliterally have done it all. From ground-up construction to remodelling, we have been there and done that. Our skillset ranges from the small to the large. So regardless of what you want done, we can help. Give us that one call.

Often people tend to think of work that needs to be done on the inside of their place and not think about the outside. We can help either way. If you need a deck, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace, or any work on the inside, we can help.

It is one thing to say we can do the work. It is another thing to say that you will be really happy with the results. Blue Ox Builder does quality work resulting in finished projects that look great and function the way you expect them to. Give us a call.

improvement ideas

Upgrade your

Sometimes a simple facelift is all you need to make that old bathroom look great. We can help with new tile, cabinets and even some paint to give your bathroom a new look.

watch tv in

Just about everyone has a TV. Oftentimes it sits on a cabinet with wires all over the place. Let us upgrade your TV-watching and make your viewing more pleasant.

Is it time to upgrade Your kitchen?

The number one item that people with older homes want improved is the kitchen. We can install new cabinets, granite countertops, new flooring and make that kitchen like new.

custom shelves make a statement.

You can buy shelving anywhere and it looks like everyone else's shelving. We can cost-effectively make custom shelves for you that give a one-of-a-kind look to your home.