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Things to Consider When Buying Your Trailer

First you need to decide how long of a trailer do you need. To do that you need to know the size home you will be building and then you need to determine how often you might move your tiny home.

Legally, your unit can be no larger than 8.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet tall if you want to travel without getting a permit. That leaves length as the big determining factor for how much square footage your tiny home will have. In most cases, our 20, 24 and 28 foot models fit the bill and are our most popular choices. As your trailer gets bigger, it becomes harder to move and usually needs a larger vehicle to tow your home.

The lengths shown below are the actual length of the deck. They do not include the approximately 4 feet of additional length taken up by the tongue of the trailer.


  • Order Your Trailer

  • STEP 1: Select Your Trailer Size (20' is our most popular length). Here Are Your Choices:

    12' $2,995 16' $3,125 18' $3,350 20' $3,400 24' $4,050 28' $5,450 32' $5,895


    Step 2: Select the Axle Type You Want.

    Tandem 5200Lb Straight Tandem 5200Lb Drop Tandem 7000Lb Straight Tandem 7000Lb Drop
    Included +$175 +$400 +$650


    Step 3: Decide If You Want the Unit Wider Than the Standard 90". Customizing the width adds $350.

    Please enter the custom width you require:


    Step 4: Decide If You Will Pick Up the Trailer or Have Us Deliver It. There is No Charge for Pick Up. Delivery is based on Where You Live.

    Southern W of
    ME, VT,
    NY, RI,
    PA, NJ
    CT, MA
    WVA, VA,
    MD, DE,
    NC, DC
    WI, IL,
    IN, OH,
    LA, MS,
    AL, KY,
    TN, SC
    GA, FL  
    $1,800 $1,200 $2,000 $900 $750 Call for Pricing


    Step 5: Place Your Order


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