Blue Ox Bungalows Fully Certified Trailers

Built Like an Ox from the Ground Up

A home is only as strong as its foundation. That is why we take some much care to use only the finest trailers available for your tiny home. These trailers were designed by people who build tiny houses, and they've made sure these trailers are just right for the job at hand.

You can buy these trailers from us directly and these trailers come ready to build on, requiring none of the prep that normally needs to be done on a standard equipment trailer.



Standard Hitch

No special hookups required. Our trailers easily connect to your standard hitch.

Electric Brakes

Electric brakes on both axles ensure that you'll be able to stop your house when needed.

Steel Beam Decks

Two steel beams replace the wood decking. This provides another secure surface to attach your house to while reducing the total weight of the trailer.

Tandem Axles

Our Tandem Axles are designed specifically for the size of your home

High-Load Radial Tires

These tires are designed to carry a heavy load, so they hold up well under the strain of moving a tiny house.

Fully Certified

This trailer is issued a trailer VIN and is ready to be licensed.

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